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Jaké to je pracovat ve společnosti ExxonMobil?

3,7Poměr Práce/Život
3,4Jistota zaměstnání/Postup
3,7Firemní kultura
Great learning and level of experience
Napsal(a) HR (současný zaměstnanec) z lokality Prague, Hlavní město Praha dne 26. ledna, 2018
ExxonMobil is a great company to start the career in. The learning (training, personal development, variety of smaler or bigger projects) is unbelievable. I have learnt and tried tripple many things in comparison with the same time spent by my previous employer. You are the owner of your career, you need to look for opportunities and help your supervisor - více... to lead you. I see this rather as an advantage. You can be part of decision making if you are active and confident. When you perform well you get a raise every year. If you don´t you don´t. The system is quite fair. Every day I am in touch wit ... - méně
Výhody25 days vacatzion, ergo specialist and ergo equiptment, number of site initiatives (family oriented topics, LGBT, women interest network, health and wellness etc.)
NevýhodySometimes it is not clear who is responsible for what
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