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Worst experience I ever had and I am on the work market more than 20 years
Napsal(a) HR backoffice (bývalý zaměstnanec) z lokality Brno, Jihomoravský kraj dne 5. listopadu, 2018
Managment is incompetent, they absolutely do not know what is happening. They have alot of projects and nobody uderstands who is responsible for what. I just waited for access more than 40 days. Than I was sick 4 days and they kicked me out telling that I am not able to do job - I was with access maybe 2 weeks in that time :))). All what they write - více... to chatch new employees are fairy tales - no home office no flexi hour, no nothing. they even say they have multisport card but for this you should pay 800 CZK haha, this is benefit. this company has no potential to work there for longer time. - méně
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