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Na začátek pracovní kariéry dobrá zkušenost. Z dlouhodobého hlediska bych ve firmě zůstat nechtěla.

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Zdokonalila jsem se zde v anglickém jazyce a naučila se spoustu nových věcí z oboru kvality. Neseděla mi indická kultura, neboť tato firma za mého působení byla indická. Někteří manažeři a Team Leadeři byli skvělí, někteří byli horší. Záleží na lidech. Občas byla práce zde kreativní a zábavná. Nevyhovovala mi pracovní doba do 18 h každý den včetně pátku. Přísné pracovní podmínky na ochranu dat. Open office o velkém počtu zaměstnanců. Získala jsem zde spoustu přátel.


denní komunikace v AJ


pozdní pracovní doba
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Vyhněte se této firmě

Nejhorší co jsem zažila. Zaškolení nulové, stresující prostředí, nehorázný tlak, vedení k ničemu, pravá ruka neví co dělá levá,stupidní směny,nedodržování ZP.


Směny, neplní sliby
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- vykorisťovanie zamestnancov - karierny rast po niekoľkých rokoch - žiaden tréning - klamstvá z vrcholového vedenia a sľuby, ktoré nikdy neboli splnené


víkendy voľné


zlý systém karierneho rastu, nízke mzdy s porovnaním ostatných korporátov, žiaden tréning...
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For young people

Not recommend for people who have no patience with clients on line
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good for a beginner but more stressful

place to work if you are a beginner- shift work, difficult to handle shift changes- nice colleague but no time available to have a 5 min break non stop inbound calls.
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Ohodnoťte společnost, pro kterou jste nedávno pracoval(a)

Podělte se o své zkušenosti, a pomozte tak ostatním

Nice company - good experience for me

Good company, nice people, facilities and kitchen. Trainings and qualifications provided. Located in very near to the city center, good restaurants close to it with fair prices.


Community, trainings, events


Can't remember right now
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get technical knowledge and customer facing experience

I gave 24/7 technical support on mac products: iPhone and Macs in German and English. It was a multi-cultural work atmosphere and required with technical knowledge and good telephone soft skills.


Gain professional experience in a multi cultural atmosphere


very stressful work atmosphere
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Fun and growing xompant

My first job abroad was a good opportunity for ME to develop my IT and customer service skills. Ive met alot if New People and learned alot of New things în 2.4 years of IT service desk.


Nice enviourment


No parking space
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A great company to kick start career

I have a great learning experience with Infosys and my scope of knowledge integrated when I start working with my client Novartis . I have learned work ethics , team spirit and to become goal -oriented, delivering on time and to keep our customer happy by providing consultation both technically and functionally. The hardest part of the job was , I had to switch and learn multiple tools and various flavors of SAP to in a short duration to meet client satisfaction and to provide good results.But it also helped me professionally to master the technology along with the business process. The most fun part of my work was to get appreciation when customer is happy and to share it with manager and other colleagues to keep inspiring the team. I like the company culture which believes in team spirit and which is trying to provide a good ratio of work-life balance , especially for female employees.


work from home policy


compensation and benefits need improvement
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Interesting engagements, medioce benefits

It was definitely an interesting work environment, and the management if usually firm but fair. However the lack of benefits, erratic schedules, and high work volume makes it untenable as a long-term career prospect.
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Worst experience I ever had and I am on the work market more than 20 years

Managment is incompetent, they absolutely do not know what is happening. They have alot of projects and nobody uderstands who is responsible for what. I just waited for access more than 40 days. Than I was sick 4 days and they kicked me out telling that I am not able to do job - I was with access maybe 2 weeks in that time :))). All what they write to chatch new employees are fairy tales - no home office no flexi hour, no nothing. they even say they have multisport card but for this you should pay 800 CZK haha, this is benefit. this company has no potential to work there for longer time.
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Infosys Summary

I have been working at Infosys full-time Pros Small Organization, People are reachable Cons No Values, No Vision, No Transparency, whats written on paper and reality are miles apart, No Career Growth No Leadership to look upon Advice to Management Focus on Employees more that brand building. Middle management has no idea on how the company is moving and there is very little leadership that is transpired. Appraisal process is not done with justice.
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Piece of s--t

Worst experience ever. Management is incompetent. Company is breaking Labour code and I don't understand how is possible this company can to provide the employment in EU.


- are you kidding me?


mananagers and hr are liars
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Interesting hard work - stresfull and paintfull

Non flexible working hours, from the first moment till the last - restless work and chaos. I´ve learned really very much new things, because the process isn´t easy and iclude many soft skills - Excel, processing of the data. TL uncompetant, organization skill very bad, paranoia attacks. The worst thing was the still persisting stress, quality of the training was low, trainee always has to learn by themselves and built net of the colleagues who could help with the issues. But because of the big stress sometimes people faced to the histerical laugh attacks.


interesting job, time flying day


stress, bad training, bad organization
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productive and fun workplace

one year time from august 2012- to august 2013,this was a powerfull time of intercultural exchanges Another methodologie that the one previous known.Searching for new horizonts
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Call center in an international community

I have learned many things during my time in a call center. Working at Infosys has taught me mostly how to work under pressure. The customers expected high quality assistance from us, the technical advisors, who were representing the brand for them. It was extremely challenging to identify a certain technical issue, find the source of the problem, troubleshoot with the customer, and doing all this remotely, without actually seeing what the customer sees. We handled a rough average of 50 calls a day. The hardest part of the job was to balance customer satisfaction with reaching targets required by the company. Considering all these facts it was very rewarding to successfully resolve technical issues and being able to help people in need of assistance. Our team had great spirit and was always in a good mood in the office. We came from many countries all over the world, thus it was interesting to share our cultural differences, and our personal similarities with each other. There were many team building activities outside of the work that helped us become good friends. I am grateful for Infosys for giving me the opportunity to earn a great deal of experience during my first job, learning how to work hard under pressure and solving problems quickly, and earning great friends that I still keep in contact with.


Lunch Vouchers, International and modern environment, dynamic team


Short breaks, stressful work and pressure
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it is a big international company

I am happy that i could learn about iOS platform and an expert in troubleshooting Apple devices.
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My day will starts with a 10 minutes stand up meeting with my team members

My day will starts with a 10 minutes stand up meeting with my team members. Depends on the project / operation critical topic will decide. Every 3 months or any major achievement we will go for a project party.
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Challenging working environment

Task was mainly about data processing, not so much about employee relations. The hardest part of the job was to get the all required written approvals to manage your task. I learned to be patient.
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gute Gelegenheiten fuer die Zukunft

Techniche Unterstuetzung- Apple Produkte Durch eine positive Einstellung dem Kunden gegenueber, durch Motivierung und durch Emphatie kann man die Ziehle an der Arbeitsplatz erreichen. Die wichtigsten Aufgaben, die ich bei der Arbeitsplatz ausfuehren musste, waren mit Kunden am Telefon zu sprechen, eine Loesung in einer begrenzten Zeit anzubieten, tehnische Fragen zu beantworten, die Kunden bez. unser Vorgang auf dem Laufenden zu halten.
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Zeptejte se jaké je to pracovat ve firmě Infosys a nebo třeba jak probíhají pohovory. Naše komunita Vám zde ráda odpoví.Odeslat otázku

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