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Call center in an international community
Process Executive (Bývalý zaměstnanec) –  Brno, JM4. února, 2015
I have learned many things during my time in a call center. Working at Infosys has taught me mostly how to work under pressure.
The customers expected high quality assistance from us, the technical advisors, who were representing the brand for them. It was extremely challenging to identify a certain technical issue, find the source of the problem, troubleshoot with the customer, and doing all this remotely, without actually seeing what the customer sees.
We handled a rough average of 50 calls a day.
The hardest part of the job was to balance customer satisfaction with reaching targets required by the company.
Considering all these facts it was very rewarding to successfully resolve technical issues and being able to help people in need of assistance. Our team had great spirit and was always in a good mood in the office. We came from many countries all over the world, thus it was interesting to share our cultural differences, and our personal similarities with each other. There were many team building activities outside of the work that helped us become good friends.
I am grateful for Infosys for giving me the opportunity to earn a great deal of experience during my first job, learning how to work hard under pressure and solving problems quickly, and earning great friends that I still keep in contact with.
Lunch Vouchers, International and modern environment, dynamic team
Short breaks, stressful work and pressure
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