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Poměr práce/život v zaměstnání
Jistota zaměstnání/Postup
Pracovní kultura
Negative environment and quantity..no more quality
Front Office Supervisor (Bývalý zaměstnanec) –  Praha, Hlavní město Praha21. června, 2019
Marriott Prague is beautiful hotel in amazing location by Old Town however it does not aim on quality anymore. It became hotel fastfood. Big amount of guests have no level of behaviour, but i am not surprised. For that funny cheap rates sometimes what to expect?

There is many people across the company working there many years with no willing for changes, complaining, gossiping a lot and being fake. Most of managers are not the right people on the right place. Some of them with absolutely no management skills. Needs big improvement and trainings.

There are no team meetings, if somebody does something wrong way, instead of discussion.. it is publicly announced that this and that person made mistake. Rotation of crew is big so of course people will do many mistakes since Marriott cannot keep good people and keeps drug users or alcoholics.

Salaries are low. There is option to make little extra on tips in bar and restautant or front desk for upsells but as hotel is often full, there is no opportunity to make nice money.

Concierge, AYS or FD clerk 25000CZK, Front Office Supervisor 30000CZK, not talking about housekeeping etc. And all tips are the subject to tax and around 20% of the tip is taken by the hotel.

In Prague in 2019 it needs generally 5000-10000CZK extra monthly for each associate. And hotel has money for that. Just the owners will not have money to buy their 4th Ferrari.

Hotel is using very old slow computers and outdated system Opera which is too complicated and old comparing other newer softwares.

Basically..Marriott Prague is franchise and
  více... does not follow Marriott's Putting people first.

I would not recommend you to work for Marriott Prague. Too big hotel, each department overloaded and missing employees. Who is new is leaving soon after opening eyes.
Lunch and dinner for free, free gym, location
Slow computers, outdated hardware in offices, negativity and unprofessionalism, nonsense benefits
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Poměr práce/život v zaměstnání
Jistota zaměstnání/Postup
Pracovní kultura
Productive and nice place to work
Chef de Partie (Bývalý zaměstnanec) –  Front line25. ledna, 2019
Marriott hotel providing free lunch health care vacation for or staff I like to work In Marriott because he changed my life total good manager I found there is my home right now I would like to recommended anyone whose want to work in is good place to work ....,.
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Poměr práce/život v zaměstnání
Jistota zaměstnání/Postup
Pracovní kultura
Leader in Hospitality field
Front Office Supervisor (Bývalý zaměstnanec) –  Prague3. dubna, 2016
-you work for Marriott, you live for Marriott with all its pros and cons.
-someone will love it, someone will not
-I started be up to my ears in work and realised I need to change things
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Poměr práce/život v zaměstnání
Jistota zaměstnání/Postup
Pracovní kultura
A hurried job
Housemaid (Bývalý zaměstnanec) –  Pilsen2. dubna, 2016
I find working in a hotel as a housemaid very demanding. I like working as a housemaid, and the feeling when I am finish with a room, when I look back at it, when it smells nice and is tidy, is very pleasant. But a kitchen porter is very stressful, especially when the hotel is full of people.

I do not enjoy the hurried pace of the work.
The people in the hotel, the staff, are polite and they are all hard-working.

The only thing I have gained by working in the hotel is that I have discovered what duties housemaids have.
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