Menzies Aviation
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O společnosti Menzies Aviation

With more than 200 airport operations across 6 continents, Menzies Aviation relies on more than 30,000 employees to ensure our services hit the heights which are expected of us. We offer landside and airside services tailored to our customers’ needs; timed to their schedules; and delivered by teams with the knowledge, tools, and passion to set standards – 

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Fueling Operators

Fueling is a vital part of commercial flight, and customers need a service which meets the operational needs of their businesses whilst covering every aspect of the relevant safety and environmental regulations. Prior to an aircraft’s departure, our fuelers deliver the requested amount of fuel and distribute it throughout the vehicle in line with manufacturer and airline specifications; thereafter, they follow strict accounting procedures to document the payload which has been delivered, co-ordination with the airline and storage operator. Their focus is always on delivering each payload in the safest, most efficient manner that adheres to government, industry and customer standards. Learn more about the role of Fueler from Jaron, Jefferson, Michael and Eduardo, members of our team at Dallas Love Field Airport.

Ramp Operators

Receiving an aircraft upon arrival and preparing it to depart again is a major undertaking, which requires the completion of numerous overlapping processes timed to fit seamlessly within the schedules of our airline customers. Menzies Aviation sets the highest standard in delivery of this complex service with clockwork precision, whilst simultaneously tending to a range of technical needs: in short, delivering excellence from touchdown to takeoff. Learn more about the role of Ramp Operators from Victor Diaz, a Ramp Lead on our team at LAX.

Cargo Operators

Learn about the role of Cargo Operator from Jered Dedman, a member of our team at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

Passenger Service Agent

Welcoming passengers, and meeting their needs before or after a trip, are responsibilities of the utmost importance in the eyes of our airline customers. We are proud to accept that responsibility at more than 200 airport locations across the world, supporting millions of passengers each year from the check-in desk to the runway - and back - on behalf of their airlines. Learn more about the role of Passenger Service Agent from Kelly Carrillo, a member of our team at LAX.