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Driver / Data collector for online maps project - job post

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Company description

Terry Soot Management Group (TSMG) is a field data collection company founded in 2017 in Europe.

We collect data where automation is not possible. We count features, take pictures, make videos, record speech, and scan areas for every detail you need to make more informed decisions. Our field data collection teams are spread across Europe and North America, ready to accept new challenges.

Project objective
The goal of the project is to help collect images of streets, main points of interest and public areas in the EU countries. The project is performed on cars with 360 cameras mounted on top that image the area around the vehicle and store those images on computers inside the vehicle. Later, this data will be used to enhance one the most popular online maps in the world.

The data collectors will be given specific routes around public streets and areas, specifically targeting commercial districts and historical sites. Due to poor weather conditions some areas will be visited multiple times in order to collect the best quality of imaging. The project is expected to last at least 3 months and will cover different city/state zones.

The ideal candidate enjoys driving, knows well the area, traffic trends, is highly responsible and reliable.

The schedule expected on the project is Monday-Friday, 8 hours/day 40 hours per week. You can work more than 8 hours if you will.


  • Must have a valid Driver License (driving experience, 3 yrs minimum)
  • Must have parking for vehicle
  • Enjoys driving, with flexible schedule
  • Available for a minimum of 3 months
  • Responsible & Reliable
  • Good driving skills
  • Great communication skills
  • High level of responsibility
  • General car knowledge
  • Tech savvy (smartphone and basic apps)
  • Basic computer skills
  • Self-motivated and detailed oriented
We would be happy to get to know you and your skills better and see how we can support each other's growth.

Please apply and let's meet!
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