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Projector for innovation (ADAS/HMI/eMobility) - job post

Mladá Boleslav
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Mladá Boleslav

Úplný popis pracovní pozice:

For all the scots, we'll probably have to wait a while for a flying car. But who would have thought 20 years ago that a car would park itself. Of the dozens of ideas for innovations in the car, we need to pick the ones that have a future. And you can be part of the team that brings these innovations closer to reality. If you're a bit of a toy and car geek, this is the position for you.

What you're gonna do:

  • Discussing with colleagues mainly from sales and marketing and collecting arguments for and against each innovation
  • Take the shortlisted ideas to the physical prototype stage
  • You will present the prototypes you create in English at internal meetings and events

What you're gonna use:

  • Phone and email + your presentation and negotiation skills will usually be enough to get the job done.
  • You won't be alone in prototyping, but you may occasionally pick up a screwdriver, but that's the exception.

What we need:

  • You must be into technology, cars, modern technologies, IT in connection with automotive
  • Creativity, inventiveness and the ability to think about how to improve what may seem to be perfect.
  • Ability to create a compelling demonstration for the innovation.
  • You enjoy communicating, thinking together and presenting your ideas to others.
  • Spoken English shouldn't be a problem for you (min. B2).
  • Active driver
  • Working with CAD data an advantage

What we offer:

  • Average age around thirty, that means open minds not stuck in old ruts
  • Great start to your career if you want to manage projects. We start small, but you can take on the big jobs
  • The opportunity to be directly involved in the development. New car smell daily inklusive
  • A job that not everyone does

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