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junior project manager

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Project Manager (people care) - job post

Mladá Boleslav
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Mladá Boleslav

Úplný popis pracovní pozice:

Do you have automotive experience? Do you enjoy working with people in combination with technology? Are you aiming for a managerial position? Do you feel it's time for a change and would you like to use your know-how and participate in the management of the company? Do you want to develop a company that is built on people and mutual trust? Come and join us for a good coffee and let's talk about what we can offer each other.

What will you be in charge of?

  • Your role will be to look after and support staff on the development projects we are involved in as a company. That is, to keep track of what stage our projects are at, what the teams on the projects are struggling with, what they are doing/how they are doing, whether they have the resources they need.
  • You will be the main communication partner for our customer for the areas entrusted to you.
  • You will be able to advise, intervene or provide expert advice when needed.
  • You'll be dealing with people. We are therefore looking for someone who is able to listen to their colleagues, offer them solutions. Communication skills should be your strength.
  • You will oversee the project budget and the work done on the project. Participate in the RFP process (B2B portal.). You will be assisted by an assistant in daily operations.
  • You can sense where and in what other areas we could help our customer.
  • You will also actively participate in interviews with our new potential employees with the assistance of recruiters.

What is the ideal candidate?

  • We are looking for a positive, people-oriented person. You enjoy working with people.
  • Ideally you'll be able to have a bit of a technical chat with our engineers about their work, their projects.
  • You have good communication skills - you are able to both listen and convey information
  • You're a pro-customer person
  • You can prioritize, work efficiently with time
  • You have an economic mind. You can use common sense to calculate basic economic metrics. You can plan financially.
  • You have interview experience, you can give feedback.
  • High school, university education
  • You are a person who can quickly navigate new environments and processes.
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